What a cat-astrophe! Bearded man’s crazy cat tale

bearded man's crazy cat tale

A bearded man’s bond with his cat is a special one, so when a Melbourne man thought he’d lost his feline buddy, he was understandably upset.

Jason McNally was travelling interstate for work while a maintenance man was doing renovations on his home.

His moggy cat with a manly name, Maurice, was left behind to keep an eye on things.

Apparently Maurice did this a little too well.

While the maintenance man took a break from plastering a wall the cat snuck behind it for a sticky beak.

Unfortunately the tradesman didn’t notice and plastered Maurice behind the wall.

Jason and his cat Maurice. Photo: Facebook
Jason and his cat Maurice. Photo: Facebook

How the cat’s meows for help went unnoticed are unknown.

When Jason’s housemate told him the news he was upset and angry and took to Facebook to organise a search party for his assumed runaway friend.

Helpless as he was still interstate it was up to Jason’s friend to find Maurice.

After pasting flyers all over the neighbourhood the friend caught a lucky break when he heard Maurice crying from behind the newly plastered bathroom wall.

Jason’s initial reaction was to kick the wall in and get the cat out, but fortunately Maurice was a smart moggy and managed to climb to a spot where he was reachable from a manhole.

When Jason returned home he not only got a massive cuddle from his cat, he also got a bit of TV time on The Project to tell his crazy cat tale.

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Written by Natasha Christian

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Natasha Christian is a news producer for Yahoo7 and editor for Beardspo.com. She also runs mental health project Anxiety Exists and has a never ending Lego collection. She currently lives in Perth, Australia.

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