Vox Pog: Louis Proctor of Weirdy Beardy

louis proctor of weirdy beardy

“I was working for a complete arsehole of a man in a conservative environment that didn’t suit my personality.”

Louis Proctor is the beard behind men’s grooming product company, Weirdy Beardy. Residing in Sydney, he has devoted himself full time to creating and distributing his own range of beard care products after leaving behind a long term career in sales. As a proud family man and renowned funny guy, Louis jumped at the chance to dive into a few ponderous questions.

Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m  originally from Scotland, been living in Sydney for six years and I’m the founder and creator of Weirdy Beardy.

What is the secret to consuming a beverage without soaking it up in your beard?

Generally in great quantities and often. Get the moustache in there and catch the drips for later on!

What were you doing with yourself prior to growing a beard?

I was working for a complete arsehole of a man in a conservative environment that didn’t suit my personality. Had a bit of a mid life crisis and got the hell out of there.

How do comments about your beard differ from those about your hair?

Well I don’t have any hair so I don’t get any hair comments. I just take the beard comments and ignore those about the hair on my arse!

Who has the world’s most majestic beard and why?

I would say David Bellamy, he’s a UK gardener. I remember his beard growing up and it was quite epic. On the proportion of Costa from Gardening Australia. David would definitely have the most epic beard I’ve ever seen.


How do you feel about shaving?

Well I shave my head most days which is why I developed a shave cream called The Bald Eagle, specifically for head shaves. Shaving’s fine, it’s a cleansing action. I obviously wouldn’t shave my face, but shaving has an appeal, it’s ritual. It’s like washing your beard, oiling your beard or shaving your chest… Or whatever you do…

Describe your perfect woman.

I like a woman with a brain but I like a woman who is a bit out there and has a bit of a personality. I’m a huge fan of Cerys Matthews, I think she’s got a great look, an amazing voice and I’d bang that ’til the cows came home. I’m sure my wife wouldn’t be too happy about that, but she wouldn’t be surprised.


In what way does having a beard influence one’s sex appeal?

In every way, shape or form. I’ve had a more attention having a beard than I’ve had in the last 20 years, from both sides of the fence.

How would you react to someone touching your beard without warning?

It’s happened when I first started doing the markets. People touch first ask second, bit of a violation in my book. But it’s all with good intentions so I don’t mind it so much.

Might I just say, you’ve got lovely handwriting (told you I’d be including that Louis).

What in life are you most proud of?

Bit of a cliche, but I’d have to say my son. He’s been growing up with me and his mother, her being very sensible and me not so much. So he has an amazing sense of the ridiculous. He’s got a great sense of humour and he makes me laugh daily. We live in a funny house and we all laugh together. Hamish is definitely the part of my life I’m most proud of for sure.

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