Viva la beard! Here’s the best before and after beards

before and after beards

Bearding genius Jimmy Niggles has found a way to extend Beard Season to all year round.

Beard Season encourages gents to grow their beard for Winter and sign themselves up as an ambassador in the fight against melanoma. However beards have clearly become a year round thing, with many extending their growth well into the stinking hot summer.

Plus with the seasons inversed across hemispheres, the North can take over when the South gets sweltering.

In January (the hottest month in Australia) Niggles encouraged his bearded friends to upload their ‘before and after beards’. What started off small soon became much, much bigger with more than 800 hirsute men sharing their baby faced mugs on Instagram alone.

Need help getting your beard into peak condition for great before and after photos? Look no further than our guides like how to apply beard oil and how to shape your beard without trimming. Or pick up some of our favorite grooming products in the widget below, starting with basics like beard oil and a beard comb.

Here’s our picks for some of the best before and after beards around. If they don’t inspire you to let it grow, nothing will.

Check out the rest at #beforeandafterbeardseason or visit Beard Season.



Before and after! Man håll på väx ihop 🙂 #BeforeAndAfterBeardSeason @beardseason

A photo posted by Robert Näslund (@robertnaslund) on


A beard maketh a man #BeforeAndAfterBeardSeason

A photo posted by Sean Conway (@buck_chilly) on


Here is my #beforeandafterbeardseason picture. It may not be exactly before beard season, but the before picture is when i was 13 years old. I had actually just had my whole face threaded..ouuccchhh!! It was painful. We work tooo hard to look beautiful, we go through tooooo much pain to look normal, when as a matter of fact, we are already pretty amazingly beautiful. You can tell how unconfident i was without the facial hair, compared to how i look and feel in my #project60 portrait. I nominate any bearded woman or man for their before and after beard picture. And hashtag and tag the links below xx #beforeandafterbeardseason @the_beardproject @beardseason #harnaamkaur #beardedwoman #beardedlady #effyourstandards #effyourbeautystandards #loveyourbeard #loveyourbody #bodyconfidence #feminism

A photo posted by Harnaam Kaur (@harnaamkaur) on



Go to , grow your beard for winter and become an ambassador in the fight against melanoma HOW IT WORKS:Get a skin check.Grow a beard.Share it with the world. Spread the word #beardseason #beforeandafterbeardseason @beardseason #project60

A photo posted by Bryan Richardson (@bikng_vikng) on


Just wow. My official #BeforeAndAfterBeardSeason pic. #beard

A photo posted by Adam Moore (@bass_n_chips) on



A photo posted by murfnturf (@murfnturf) on


#BeforeAndAfterBeardSeason #tbt inspired by @beardseason @the_beardproject, @scoopdeluxe_beardbalm THE GREATEST #BEARDBLAM

A photo posted by Timothy Capra (@timothyteabone) on


So at the moment there's bit of a challenge going through the hashtag #beforeandafterbeardseason to raise awareness for skin cancer thanks to @the_beardproject and @beardseason (who thanks to his amazing activism influenced me to get my skin check last year after almost 6 years). So here's a before (from the Spring Ball in Sweden) and after photo of me as part of the challenge. I challenge @antstagrammar @stepmeister and @salvo_nicosia to share their before and after pics of their beards to help raise awareness fighting melanoma. And remember to get your skin check ASAP! #beard #beards #beardseason #skincheck #growon #beardporn #jointhebeard #envybeards #babyface #beforeandafter #skägg #project60 #tbt #sweden #vårbal #Sverige #Uppsala

A photo posted by Will Mac (@will_mac89) on


Taking the challenge @beardseason #beforeandafterbeardseason

A photo posted by Mr. Joe (@cyclingjester) on

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