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  • Hottest Ginger Beard

    Is Nathen Coles The World’s Hottest Ginger Beard?

    Spending countless hours at The Ginger Factory studying what it takes to produce world class ginger, Nathen Coles will stop at nothing to become The World’s Hottest Ginger Beard. The well known beardsman and president of Bearded Men of the Sunshine Coast has entered Buderim Ginger’s search for Australia’s Hottest Ginger Beard. But his ‘go hard […] More

  • Lumberjack Doff vs Playstation 4

    Lumberjack Doff vs Playstation Network

    Having no intention of making purchases during a ‘free trial’ of Playstation Network, Steve of Brisbane, was less than amused when he received thank you emails for downloading games to a Playstation he had never seen. “After ten days of free access, my account got hacked,” he said. “The first indication my account was hacked were notes […] More

  • Luke Swenson

    Behind The Beard: Luke Swenson

    Luke Swenson may sip his whiskey through a fancy straw but don’t be fooled, his masculinity has helped many on a mission to get laid. “I always drink through a straw because no one is going to f*** with you when you’ve got a beard,” he said jokingly about his secret to staying dry. As […] More

  • Travis Carrillo

    Behind The Beard: Travis Carrillo

    A self proclaimed ‘cub in training,’ Travis Carrillo says his beard is his ‘security blanket’ in a world where ‘bears’ reign. Hailing from Austin, Texas, he has chosen to embrace the bearded lifestyle. As a part of the gay community, he’s also met his fair share of pogonophiles, who refer to bearded men as bears. […] More