Quality & Craftsmanship: The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil

The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oill

Much like a cologne, aftershave or body wash, the look, the scent and the feel of the product most likely says something to you about your lifestyle.

There are several rad beard oils on the market today. Each one conveying a certain way of beard life. Much like a cologne, aftershave or body wash, the look, the scent and the feel of the product most likely says something to you about your lifestyle.

So finding the right beard oil can often be a challenge.

I myself have been searching for that “just right” beard oil for my own beard. That one beard oil that fits me like a glove, emotes the lifestyle that I believe I live and smells fresh for my lovely lady.

Well ladies and gents, I think I may have found it!

The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil

How stoked was I when I received a bottle of The Bearded Chap Old Time Original Beard Oil in the mail?! Real stoked. So stoked, that I just had to share it with you all.

The bottle itself is a feast for the eyes. It looks like an old medicine bottle sold at the pharmacy in the old days. The Bearded Chap logo and the script on the bottle’s label are reminiscent of older simpler times when all men were honest, had integrity and wore epic beards.

I read on The Bearded Chap’s website that the bottle is designed to look 100 years old by the time it’s empty. So I am assuming it looks like it is aging as you use the beard oil.

What a one of a kind, inventive idea. This detail fits nicely with the entire Bearded Chap’s vintage aura and I am definitely looking forward to seeing my bottle age with use.

The Old Time Experience

When I twisted the silver cap off I was thrilled to find a spill proof top. This proved to be quite useful for measuring just the right amount of beard oil to use on my beard without wasting a precious drop. Per the clear and precise directions printed on the label, I applied about 5 drops of the beard oil to my beard.

When I used it for the first time, it had been after a long work day and my beard was pretty scraggly by the time I had gotten home. I am telling you ladies and gents, almost immediately after applying The Bearded Chap beard oil to my beard I saw a huge difference in the way it looked and felt. First it seemed to relax my beard a little bit. The oil was just the right consistency for me, not too thick and it smelled great!

As I rubbed the oil into my thick mane, the hair softened. When I combed my beard, it had a nice sheen to it and my beard fell easily into shape. The sheen was subtle, which I liked. My beard looked real clean without having that wet look.

Nothing wrong with the “wet look”, it’s just not what I was looking for.

The Classic Masculine Scent

Now not only did The Bearded Chap beard oil work like a charm to tame and soften my beard, it just so happens that it smelled absolutely fantastic! As it states on the bottle, it is without a doubt, a masculine scent, one that I find quite unique and somewhat difficult to describe.

It smelled like a wonderful combination of sandalwood and cedar with a hint of citrus. Kind of like the smell of the forest after it rains. I consider myself a “nature boy.” I am outside all the time and now my beard smelled as such. A clean fresh scented oil that felt light on my beard. I was more than pleased with it.

The Final Verdict: My Lady

Of course I wanted my lady’s opinion. I already loved the scent but she would have to be the final judge.

I let her smell my beard and she loved it. Said she could smell orange and mint and then smelled it a few more times.

That sealed the deal.

You can find The Bearded Chap on Instagram, @thebeardedchap

Also be sure to peruse a selection of The Bearded Chap’s products in the Beardspo Shop.

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