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  • Luke Swenson

    Behind The Beard: Luke Swenson

    Luke Swenson may sip his whiskey through a fancy straw but don’t be fooled, his masculinity has helped many on a mission to get laid. “I always drink through a straw because no one is going to f*** with you when you’ve got a beard,” he said jokingly about his secret to staying dry. As […] More

  • Youth and young manhood

    Youth and Young Manhood

    Bearding is in my blood and I know it, although the one time I actually met my biological father, he was clean shaven and so was I. I’m sure he’s worn a beard before as I know for certain he’s into bikes. Nothing goes with a bike better than a beard. As a young sprite I […] More

  • Travis Carrillo

    Behind The Beard: Travis Carrillo

    A self proclaimed ‘cub in training,’ Travis Carrillo says his beard is his ‘security blanket’ in a world where ‘bears’ reign. Hailing from Austin, Texas, he has chosen to embrace the bearded lifestyle. As a part of the gay community, he’s also met his fair share of pogonophiles, who refer to bearded men as bears. […] More