Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm Review

Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm Review

Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm is your ticket to a “smooth shiny fragrant piece of lady bait.”

Very well known for their signature beard balms, Scoop Deluxe are committed to delivering the “finest quality ingredients so you know you’ve got the best.”

Scoop Deluxe Original Beard Balm Review Ingredients

My first impression of the Gold Label Beard Balm is the premium look and feel. I must say I’m a huge fan of minimalism and Scoop Deluxe have done a great job of  of nailing a simple design. I’m quickly drawn to the very unique ingredients, with the use of 100% organic Western Australian cosmetic grade bee’s wax being a real standout.

Scott McDonald, the man behind Scoop Deluxe has paid homage to the place he calls home by making the most of what Down Under has to offer. Proudly displaying the ‘Handmade In Australia’ motif, Scott could be considered the quintessential ‘outback beardsman.’

Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm Review Packaging

Not only is the branding of Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm clean and classic, the use of some very innovative packaging is a nice addition. Rather than using a threaded cap on the tin, Scoop Deluxe have kept practicality in mind with a simple push on design.

The lid creates adequate sealing by providing a level of suction as it’s pushed on. I much prefer this quick and easy option over fumbling about trying to screw a lid on with beard product all over my hands.

Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm Review Closeup

As I lean in for a whiff of the Gold Label Beard Balm, I find myself having a good snort. The fragrance is perfectly balanced and slightly woodsy, I can pick up on notes of subtle pine and coconut. You’d be forgiven for slapping a serving straight into your mo’ just to indulge in the scent alone.

The balm itself looks like it has been lovingly cared for, a perfect pour with a sleek consistency that’s just waiting to be scooped out and massaged into my mane. As I scrape out a portion I’m delighted by the smooth, silky texture and the ease with which I can achieve a nice even coating as I work it between my hands.

A great level of thought has clearly gone into deciding on what ingredients make the cut. As per the label, Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm contains the following:

  • 100% organic Wester Australian cosmetic grade bee’s wax.
  • Pure argan oil.
  • Pure hemp oil.
  • Virgin coconut oil.
  • Pure sweet almond oil.
  • 100% pure essential oils.

Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm Review Summary

The balm works through my ‘beardilocks’ with ease and I’m able to attain a nice even distribution right through with only a small amount of product. As my beard tends to be really curly and hard to comb, I’ve experimented with adding Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm to a range of my daily-use beard oils.

Scoop Deluxe’s own beard oil goes well with the balm, but I found that the addition of Weirdy Beardy Woodpecker Beard Oil provides for a match made in heaven. The combined mix gives the beard some extra volume and adequate hold, whilst making sure my skin gets plenty of attention underneath.

Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm Review Verdict

This ripper of a beard balm most certainly deserves the gold label and I’ve found myself using it quite often, especially on windy days for some extra hold. In fact, Scoop Deluxe Gold Label Beard Balm has found its way into my hair when I’m out of pomade. I’ve found it to come in handy for a slick-back while maintaining a natural look.

If you’re looking for more information on this top notch bearding essential, pop on over to Scoop Deluxe’s website. As a well known social media personality, Scott is always happy to hear from fellow beardsmen the world over.

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