The Pogono-Files: Why Anti Beard Research Is Rubbish


Research says women don’t find men with beards attractive because it makes them appear aggressive and older.

As a fuzz-lover I call bullshit. I do recall once being told ‘women don’t like nice guys also.’

Pogonophiles (I hate this word as it’s close to pedophile) find men with beards attractive BECAUSE it makes them appear aggressive and older… among other things.

Not going to lie, I like old/er men.

Again some truth, I also like aggressive men that have nice qualities.

Ever since I felt a slight tingle in my vagina, I’ve been attracted to cavemen-esque people with penises.

Before I realised it was impossible, my dream when I grew up was to grow a beard as good as my dad.

When I discovered my lack of testosterone prevented this… and permanent marker wouldn’t look legit enough, I made my new goal to encourage and embrace the beard to the point where I was surrounded by them.

Fortunately I didn’t have to try very hard. By the time I was in my early 20s the era of shaving had well and truly died and the hipster beard was back along with some very mediocre fashion trends.

Behind every hipster was a closet bearded man pleading for a time to come when he can just ‘let it grow’ without nagging from mums, girlfriends, nannas, bosses or random street people.

Fast forward to now and I’m surrounded by beards. Fuck, they’re more frequent than trash bins or light posts and I feel as though my dream has become a reality without having to do much at all.

So the ladies find beards repulsive huh? Rubbish. Women are part of the reason the beard is back.

Yes, it is proven that having a beard commands respect from other males and that is part of the driving force of the come-back.

But if women disliked beards so much, bearded men would have a hell of a time out on the prowl, thus making the decision to grow one a lot harder.

Instead it seems women are embracing the aggressive, wise owl that is the bearded man in full form.

Behind almost every beard-a-licious man I know is a lovely lady shouting ‘viva la beard.’

I also know a lot of single and looking women who favour the bearded man.

What’s interesting is most of these women don’t give a fuck about the trend as the beard in their life has been around for as long as they can remember.

But the trend factor is still incredibly relevant as I strongly believe if bearded men were that repulsive to women we wouldn’t have seen the resurgence we have.

Verdict: Chicks dig guys with beards.

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Written by Natasha Christian

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Natasha Christian is a news producer for Yahoo7 and editor for She also runs mental health project Anxiety Exists and has a never ending Lego collection. She currently lives in Perth, Australia.