Modern Beard Naked Beard Oil Review

modern beard naked beard oil review

With their Naked Beard Oil, Modern Beard claims that “your facial hair will be as soft as a teddy.”

For this test I’ve got my hands on a 5mL bottle from Modern Beard, a low risk option for those of you looking to try something new. There’s enough in the bottle to give this oil a run for its money, but not too much that the price tag sits you straight back into your comfort zone.

modern beard naked beard oil review

Much like the name suggests, a modern approach has been taken with this new addition to the ever expanding selection of beard oils on the market. Modern Beard definitely give the impression of something fresh and new, as you might notice in their latest marketing video. 

Their logo and colour scheme give somewhat of a military vibe. But on further inspection via their website you’ll notice a quirky continuity of the angular beard motif they’re using. To be honest, it’s a refreshing change from the abundance of literal beard silhouettes strewn across the market.

modern beard naked beard oil review

Although very small in size, Modern Beard have managed to include the ingredients and basic instructions on the label of their 5mL option. The Naked Beard Oil is unscented and comprises a small selection of carrier oils “that have been used for centuries to soften skin and encourage hair growth.”


  • Jojoba
  • Almond
  • Argan

modern beard naked beard oil review

A snugly fitting screw top lid is firmly sealed and the entire package has travelled incredibly well, especially considering this was an international shipment. I’m delighted to find an inverted dropper as I’ve noticed many oils in this size don’t offer any means of dosage control.

Another handy feature of the Modern Beard Naked Beard Oil is the effectiveness of the seal. You’ll notice the extrusion on the inside of the lid, this ensures that you don’t end up with an oil filled inconvenience post travel.

modern beard naked beard oil review

Modern Beard is located in Soquel, California and the owner Chris Michel has a talent for creating easy to follow tutorials. Much like the clean and simple design used for packaging, the Modern Beard website provides a clean, easy to navigate user experience.

modern beard beard oil review

Within the postal packaging I came across a handy little instruction card, complete with a personalised message on the reverse side.

Modern Beard Naked Beard Oil – $8USD (5mL) & $23USD (30mL)

modern beard naked beard oil review

Although many of us treat beard oil like a cologne and wear our chosen scents with pride, there are often times when it’s not suitable to do so. Let’s say you’re a hard working bloke who partakes in a lot of physical labour. You might not like the idea of wasting a beautifully scented beard oil on your fellow sweat-drenched workmates.

Modern Beard Naked Beard Oil Review Verdict

I’ll be completely honest, I’m not one to go for an unscented beard oil. I’m lucky to get a sweat up at the gym, let alone during work. I’m a mere desk jockey.

Upon application I didn’t expect much of a scent, but as I worked the oil through my beard I could pick up on subtle notes of almond. I’m a pretty big fan of nuts and  felt the urge to down a handful of almonds, so I did.

Now back to the beard. I don’t have a teddy, nor have I felt one recently, but I think it’s fair for Modern Beard to claim they’ll leave your beard feeling “as soft as a teddy.” I’m pretty fond of cuddling, so maybe I’ll have to put Naked Beard Oil to the test with m’lady.

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided that an unscented oil definitely has its place in my quiver. With the compact size of the 5mL Naked Beard Oil, I’ll be keeping it handy, whether it be in my gym bag or tucked away for an emergency.

I look forward to saving my favourite scented oils for those moments with my special someone.

If you’re keen on the subtlety of the Naked Beard Oil, check out Modern Beard’s online store.

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