Meet the man with the ‘Million Dollar Beard’

The million dollar beard himself, Mr. Jimmy Niggles

Jimmy ‘The Million Dollar Beard’ Niggles is a man of mystery. Here’s your chance to get to know the beard behind Beard Season.

Ram Castillo was fortunate to get up close and personal with ‘The Million Dollar Beard,’ who was recent guest on his Giant Thinkers Podcast. Peering in through the majestic mane he uncovers the story of Scott Maggs, the creator of Beard Season, better known as Jimmy Niggles.

2015 marks five years since the inception of Beard Season, a Melanoma awareness campaign that’s become synonymous to the bearding community. Although commonplace on the hirsute end of town, Beard Season’s endeavours to tackle Melanoma needs the attention of the wider community, at a global scale.

Fresh off the back of the successful Project 60 Exhibition at Somerset House in London, Jimmy and his team are about to embark on the next leg of their journey. Turning to the land of the free, Beard Season aims to capture the attention of the hairier side of Hollywood and broadcast their message about getting skin checks. It’s time for the celebrities in ‘hirsute of happiness’ to step up to the plate and raise awareness of one of the world’s most lethal cancers.

Ram, who’s a world renowned award winning designer, had a fireside chat with Jimmy to uncover what drives his mission and makes him a ‘giant thinker.’ If you’re interested in hearing from the Beard Season creator “on building an army of beards, farm life, starting a charity and nudie runs,” then the Giant Thinker interview has got you covered.

The story behind what drives the ideas of ‘The Million Dollar Beard’ and his endeavours for the greater good are nothing short of inspiring. Better still, after having ‘spent some time’ with the man himself, you’ll feel inspired to adopt a ‘Beard Season Point’ and do your bit in the fight against Melanoma.

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