Meet The Athletic Beard

Meet The Athletic Beard

If you’ve seen a lot more facial hair at the gym lately, you’re not alone. Call it the lumbersexual effect. The man trend—describing flannel-clad rugged gents with bushy beards who spend just as much time on grooming as metrosexual men did—entered the lexicon last fall. We’ve mostly seen these guys at whiskey bars, but now bushy beards have been spotted on the treadmills, too.

The abundance of beards makes perfect sense to Robert McMillen, head barber for Blind Barber, the hip men’s salon with locations in New York and Los Angeles. “We’ve seen varying levels of facial hair become popular in recent years, and as with most trends they tend to evolve over time,” he says. “Guys started with stubble and realized their bosses didn’t mind, hence the beard was re-birthed.”

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