Lumberjack Doff vs Playstation Network

Lumberjack Doff vs Playstation 4

Having no intention of making purchases during a ‘free trial’ of Playstation Network, Steve of Brisbane, was less than amused when he received thank you emails for downloading games to a Playstation he had never seen.

“After ten days of free access, my account got hacked,” he said. “The first indication my account was hacked were notes thanking me for my purchases.”

Steve had not owned a games console for many years but decided to invest in a Playstation 4 after being encouraged by his cousin to join him online. He was already concerned that Playstation Network (PSN) demanded his credit card details in order to access a free trial, but assumed that a large organisation like Sony would have a secure platform.

Immediately after the realisation that his account had been compromised, Steve changed his passwords and contacted PSN to notify them of the fraudulent purchases made through his account. They requested the serial number from his console in order to confirm that the purchases had not been downloaded to his machine.

It was not until three weeks later that any response was received from PSN. It stated that as per their disclaimer, Steve was responsible for any purchases made through his account. No mention was made of the serial number of the Playstation through which the purchases were actually made.

“Sony will never receive another cent of my hard earned cash,” he said.

No warnings were issued by PSN that Steve’s account had been accessed from another Playstation prior to the fraudulent purchases made on his credit card. Not only did PSN fail to protect his private information, they stood to make money as a result of his account being hacked.

Playstation Network

“I see the destruction of this PlayStation as a celebration to the end of my dealings with Sony,” he said.

Sony Australia’s corporate social responsibility for community states:

“With the goal of making a positive impact in the lives of the communities in which we operate in.”

Unfortunately it would appear that PSN is trying to shun all of the responsibility onto their users.

Playstation Network Security Measures

As with many online services, users are often forced to implement further security measures in order to safely protect their personal information. Two-Factor Authentication is a popular option amongst consumers that have experienced the effects of compromised account access.

If you are concerned about the security of your own online accounts, take the time to investigate which Two-Factor Authentication measures are compatible with each service. The available options for Playstation Network are limited and somewhat inconvenient, but present far less hinderance than a hacked Playstation Network account.

As a protest against Steve’s treatment by Playstation Network, he sent his Playstation 4 into requesting that Lumberjack Doff take the matter into his own hands… See for yourself the obliteration of his once prized possession.

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