Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Follicle Farming Father

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas For The Follicle Farmer

If you’re anything like me, you leave everything until the last minute. Father’s Day included, doh! 

Why is Facebook so hellbent on letting me know about everyone’s birthdays, but when it comes to Father’s Day they drop the ball? Ok, I’ll admit I’m the ‘butterfingers’ and I’m to blame, but when you’re a busy man, sometimes ‘last minute’ is the best you can do.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Lucky for me (and maybe you too) we live in a digital age, where ‘last minute’ is well and truly catered for. So I stretched out my ‘Googlers’ and got rummaging, here are my top last minute Father’s Day gift ideas (seriously, it’s not too late).

Spotify Subscription

Give the ‘old man’ the gift of music, Spotify is full of old classics worth stroking the beard to.

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Spotifiy Subscription


Amazon Prime

Not only does it sound like a badass transforming autobot, Amazon will donate $10 to Movember for every gift of Prime purchased (June 1st until June 21st).

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea Amazon Prime Subscription

Netflix Subscription

Who doesn’t wanna binge on endless session of their favourite TV series? Plus you’ll be killing two birds with one stone… Beard growing time!

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea Netflix

Beard Shop Gift Voucher

The addition of Gift Vouchers to our online store deserve an honourable mention. Plus, if you’re a Beardspo Subscriber, this is the perfect way to get an extra 12 months out of your $5 Coupon (expiring June 30). Available in $25, $50 or $100 options, delivered by email on whichever date you need.

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea Beardspo Voucher

A Back Rub

I don’t mean literally giving the old fella a back rub, get someone else to do it. I could do with a back rub, not to mention the will to maintain correct posture. Zeel Massage On Demand literally has your Dad’s back.

Last Minute Father's Day Massage


Gyft Card Gift Card

Nope, that wasn’t a keyboard spasm, there’s a huge market place for gift cards thanks to Gyft. Picking a gift is hard and with so many options, so is picking a gift card. Problem solved, he shall pick his own.

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Cards

Nothing quite as good as the real thing?

Even with all the connectivity these days, we seem to be more disconnected than ever. You really can’t beat the gift of good company, so why not join the big fella for a beer this weekend, chat shop and stroke beard. Maybe even take along some of that beard oil you love using and let the old man have a turn.

Or if he’s a cranky old bastard, just get him a gift card and be done with it. 😉

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