Kyle Hamon is all about the LOVE

Kyle Hamon is all about the love

After sporting a short beard on and off for about the last five years, Kyle Hamon started listening to a voice from within.

That voice was telling him to just “let it grow.” So for the last year he has done just that.

“The only thing that stopped me in the past was the opinion of other people, so I stood for myself and for others and listened to something greater inside of me.” Kyle says that his bearding experience has been “out of this world.”

It has helped him let go of a lot of insecurities from his childhood that he says “we all have” and has allowed him to feel more like the man he is meant to be.

“I definitely feel a man with a beard gets more respect from others and I feel blessed that I’m even able to grow one.”

About three months into his Yeard, Kyle thought about shaving off his ever growing beard. He asked his two daughters and they told him “No we love your beard!” That was all the conformation that he needed. Kyle’s Yeard anniversary was August 12!

Kyle Hamon with family

During his beard journey, Kyle has been fortunate enough to become involved in Bearded Villains. His experience of being a member of Bearded Villains has been nothing but “Awesome.”

“All the brothers that I have met have been stand up dudes that I am proud to call my Brothers and I have nothing but love and respect for all of them. “Kyle is looking forward to becoming even more involved in the Bearded Villains as they grow and continue to serve others through their charities and their community service throughout the world.

Up until now, Kyle had earned a living building houses, working on wind turbines and working in oil fields but always yearned for something more. Fate had it’s way and after being laid off from his job, Kyle “just couldn’t take the corporate world any longer.” That is when he decided to chase his dreams and start the clothing company he had always dreamed of.

The original name for his clothing company was going to be ‘Un-Sung Heroes.’

“I’ve had that name in my head for years and it stands for all the day to day people in this world that are heroes and never get recognized.”

However, as he and his business partner were throwing around ideas for the name, Kyle’s business partner suggested “Spec Of Dust.” That is the precise moment when everything just “clicked” in Kyle’s head.

“The logo popped right into my head and I had it drawn by the next day.”

Spec of dust logo

The Spec Of Dust logo is a large Yin Yang and in the center is “a rainbow connected to a DNA strain going through a hole in the center of the pyramid of the all seeing eye” with an atom on the Yin and the Earth on the Yang.

“We are all atoms here needing to reconnect ourselves to Mother Earth.”

Kyle believes that we all need to discover our true inner spirit and “find our hearts, as they are the center of our worlds.”

“It’s Love that we have been asked to give from the very start, so I hope you wear our clothes for whatever you may love, as love makes our world go round. Love speaks all languages and we are all specs of dust connected to something greater than we can understand. So love to no end.”

You can check out all the amazing designs on t-shirts and tank tops for both men and women at the Spec of Dust website.

Go ahead, give them a follow @spec_of_dust on Instagram.

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Written by Jay Hoyle

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