Jorge Montes is the ‘Bearded Octopus’ behind Pulpo Barbu Beard Oils

jorge montes pulpo beard oils

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, at age eighteen and after graduating high school, Jorge Montes joined the United States Army. For the next eleven years Jorge traveled the world while serving his country.

He spent eight years stationed in the United States before being stationed for his last three years in Germany.

jorge montes pulpo beard oils

“I got to visit most of Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Slovenia Czech to name a few.”

Jorge left the Army in October of 2014 and almost immediately began to grow the beard that the military would not allow him to. About two months into growing his beard, Jorge shaved it for a job interview. “The second I finished shaving, I knew it was a mistake.” Jorge hasn’t shaved since.

“I love how it feels, it’s a man look, people have to look and acknowledge that bad-ass beard that guy has.”

Jorge’s Yeard is in December.

jorge montes

Now living in El Paso, Texas, Jorge is a shop foreman for a maintenance shop that services disabled citizens who live in El Paso.

“We fix buses that have the lift system to transport disabled people.”

During his beard journey, Jorge found the Bearded Villains and says his experiences of meeting other bearded men with the same values and the same purpose has been nothing but amazing.

“Yeah, its pretty amazing. Replacing that hole the military left as a brotherhood with another one of bearded dudes. A bearded gentleman brotherhood focused on family, charity and taking care of one another.”

Today Jorge is an Elite-Loyal-Member and Scout for Bearded Villains as well as the Co-Captain of Bearded Villains West Texas.

As Jorge’s beard grew thicker it was always itchy, “to the point where I couldn’t sleep.” After trying several beard oils on the market, his Wife suggested that he try making his own. And that’s how Pulpo Beard Oils began.

The artwork for Pulpo Beard Oils was created by fellow Bearded Villain Jesse Kriegel. Jesse is an Art Teacher in Deming, New Mexico. Jorge asked him to create a logo that would “be cool and represent me and the brand as well.”

Jorge has an octopus tattooed on his arm as part of an ocean bottom sleeve. “It represents me, while the sharks in it represent my dad, and the ocean/water represent Puerto Rico.” So the Pulpo Barbu (bearded octopus)  was an easy choice for the Pulpo Beard Oils logo.

“I was night snorkeling/dive fishing one night in Puerto Rico with my Dad when I saw an octopus walking under water. The walk was so cool, so boss. Like he owned the spot. It never left my memory.”

Jorge then had T Shirts made.  Another Bearded Villian brother “AJ Garza was the contact for that.”

“I had him make five shirts for us to represent and once I posted them (on IG) one hundred requests came flying in from all over the world.”

The logo is very popular with Pulpo Beard Oils customers. They buy shirts, stickers and the new Pulpo Beard Oils bottle openers.

“It honestly was the turning point. I knew my product was/is top notch, I just needed that WOW factor and I got it from the labels.”

Jorge mixes all his oils and creates each one of their unique scents.

“I get the best products on the market to make what I think is one if the best oils on the market. I take my time to perfect the scents and I take pride in the packaging and quick delivery. I take the time to interact with all my customers before, during and after the purchase to ensure they are getting top customer service from beginning to end. I also love featuring those customers on my page with their real reviews.”

Messages from customers saying “I love this product” or “you have earned a customer for life” give Jorge chills.

“It’s awesome, I still can’t believe it sometimes.”

I, myself use Pulpo Beard Oils and I have to say it’s a light, refreshing oil with several amazing fragrances to choose from. It makes my beard incredibly soft and quite manageable.

See all of Pulpo Beard Oils products on Etsygive them a follow on Instagram or like them on Facebook.

Jorge himself, hangs out on Instagram too as @pulpo_barbu.

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