In Search of the Great American Beard

In Search of the Great American Beard

They are going in search of “the great American beard.”

Photographer Mr Elbank and charity campaigner Jimmy Niggles have already photographed and featured some of the most impressive beards in the world. Now, after the success of their “Beard” exhibition at London’s historic Somerset House this month, they plan to tackle the American continent in pursuit of the world’s ultimate facial hair.

The pair hopes to photograph famous beards, like those belonging to Jeff Bridges, Leonardo Di Caprio, Zach Galifianakis and Brad Pitt. The Hollywood stars would add to an already impressive collection of beard photography from around the world, marking the return of the beard into mainstream popular culture.

In recent years, beards have been making a steady comeback, coinciding with the rise of the hipster. From Brooklyn, New York, to the East End of London, beards are now in.

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