How to shape a beard without trimming


If you’re anything like me, you get anxious when a pair of scissors come near your beard… So why not learn how to shape a beard without trimming?

As with many articles on how to trim your beard, a common piece of advice is to hold off for as long as you can. Unfortunately in doing so, you can end up looking a little homeless. On the other hand, there are a few tricks to keep you looking dapper until you’ve got enough length to warrant a trip to your barber to trim your beloved beard.

How To Shape a Beard

Everyone’s beard is different and it’s very common for your growth to be varied and uneven. Keeping that in mind, you want to start off by having an idea of what style you want to achieve. It’s also worth considering what best suits the natural growth of your beard.

I decided to have a bit of fun in the bathroom and run you through the steps that I take to get my follicle farm looking luscious.

Wash Your Beard

Prior to shaping your beard, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s clean. Not only will this help with the application of styling product, it will also ensure that you get a little extra length and make the removal of knots a lot easier.


There are plenty of products on the market for washing your beard, but Weirdy Beardy’s Beard Buff  works a treat. It contains an exfoliant that really helps with treating the skin under your beard and doubles as an effective face wash.

Comb Your Beard

Once you’ve given your beard and the underlying skin a good scrub, it’s worthwhile giving it a comb whilst rinsing. The lubrication provided by the foaming wash makes it a lot easier to get through any knots. Not only will removing knots help with applying product come styling, it will help straighten out the hairs and make your beard appear a bit longer.

Dry Your Beard

There’s nothing quite as effective as drying your beard with a blowdryer, but the majority of men are unlikely to have one. Never fear, you can dry your beard well enough with a towel.

Start by patting your beard dry, you don’t wanna be too rough and risk ripping out hairs. Once you’ve soaked up most of the moisture, you can begin the shaping process by gently running your towel around the general shape you aim to achieve.

Most of you will find a stubborn patch under your chin that’s notorious for holding it’s share of liquid. By simply squeezing your beard with a towel from the front and back, you can squeegee out the excess moisture.

What’s Your Style?

At the time of shooting the the above video, I’d been growing my beard for about 8 months. When you’re on your way to achieving your first yeard, it’s ok to avoid trimming completely. In fact, if you carefully inspect your beard and understand how it grows, you’ll find it much easier to determine what style suits you best.

As a result, you can maintain a clean and tidy look without the need for a trim. So don’t be afraid to play with your beard, understand where you might have patchy areas, thinner sections or variance in colour. Don’t worry about the imperfections though, they’re what makes your beard unique and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Oil Your Beard

There are plenty of great resources detailing how to apply beard oil – but at the end of the day it’s up to you to adopt your own techniques that work for you. It’s also a matter of personal preference, some men prefer a generous lathering, whilst others like to use beard oil more sparingly.


When learning how to shape a beard, start off with the minimum recommendation and work your way up from there until you find the sweet spot. If you’re new to beard care, it’s worth doing a bit of research on the best beard oils to suit your needs. There are literally hundreds to choose from, but it’s really important to select a good quality beard oil with a scent you love.

Wax Your Moustache

Styling your moustache is usually the last step in getting the look you want. But, it’s worthwhile getting some wax in early to help keep your moustache out of the way when shaping your beard. If you like the overlaid look where your mo’ is clearly defined and styled separately from your beard, a little bit of wax early in the process will help you out alot.


If you’re looking for more information on how to apply moustache wax, then do a bit of research on what style you like most. It can be getting your mo’ to sit right, so it’s worth playing around a bit with a few styles to figure out which works best for you. Once you’ve got that dialled, you can continue to train your lip tickler over time. Eventually your moustache will naturally gravitate towards your desired look.

Shape Your Beard

Now for the fun part, figuring out how to shape a beard without trimming. As with the styling of most facial hair, everyone is different and depending on the way your beard grows your techniques will vary. But, there are a few tips that can make the job a bit easier for everyone:

  • Understand your beard.
    • What direction do the hairs grow?
    • If you have any patchiness, how can you hide it?
    • Can you blend through variance in colour?
    • What are your beard’s strongest traits?
  • Don’t be afraid to use tools.
    • Use a comb during styling to help distribute hair.
    • Brush your beard toward the desired shape for extra length.
    • It’s ok to ‘comb-over’ any patchy areas.
  • Use quality products.
    • Keep your beard clean and healthy.
    • Use beard oil to condition, moisturise and reduce ‘beardruff.’
    • Get a moustache wax capable of a firm hold.
    • Stubborn beard? Get yourself some beard balm!
  • Get your hands dirty!
    • Be a master sculptor, caress that beard to greatness.
    • Be creative and try new styles, you never know what might suit you.
    • Create your own techniques and play to your strengths.

When it comes to my beard, I like to keep it pretty simple and go for a full look with an overlaid moustache. Here are the key steps I take to achieve my daily beard style:

  • If my beard is dirty and unmanageable, I give it a wash and dry it thoroughly.
  • Using a good quality beard oil, I make sure my entire beard gets a good coverage.
  • I focus a little extra beard oil on the ‘problem areas’ where I want to hide patchiness.
  • With a firm hold moustache wax, I get my mo’ out of the way so I can more easily shape my beard.
  • I combine a little moustache wax with the excess oil on my hands and apply to stubborn curly sections of my beard.
  • By cupping my hands and literally sculpting my beard, I get the desired shape.
  • With a comb, I shamelessly ‘comb-over’ any thinner/patchy areas and ensure it’s blended in nicely.
  • My moustache is kept fairly casual, but I twist the ends and lay that ‘tache out wide.
  • I finish up by back handing the outer edges of my beard and gently guide any strays back into the majestic mane.

So now that you know how to shape a beard to avoid looking like a total scruff, you can stop stressing about the dreaded trim and beard on happily toward your first ‘Yeard.’

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