How To Apply Beard Oil Properly

The best way to stop beard itch and soften your beard

how to apply beard oil properly

Using beard oil the right way will tame your naughty, itchy beard into a soft, well-behaved mane. This article shows you how to apply beard oil properly.

What beard products will I need?

All it takes is a good quality beard oil and a beard brush (or comb). If you don’t have these yet, we’d recommend:

What does beard oil do?  Why should I use it?

People almost always give up on their beards because they itch. And that’s because their skin, pores and facial hair are not being taken care of. By using beard oil, you’ll learn how to keep growing your beard comfortably.

Your skin and hair need oil to be healthy. While your body produces natural oil, it’s usually not enough to keep you protected as your beard grows. As a result, the skin under your beard dries out, gets irritated and itchy, and becomes flaky – the dreaded “beardruff.”

Beard hair suffers from lack of oil as well. When undernourished, it gets wiry, stiff, and tangled. This often turns combing or brushing into a difficult, painful process. So the beard stays scratchy, which further irritates your skin.

By contrast, when you oil your beard it develops a subtle luster and a pleasant scent. It gets much softer to the touch, and cooperates when you groom it. The hair becomes more pliable and easier to shape properly.

This is the super quick, super simplified version. Stay tuned for more – we’ve got an entire series on beard oil in the works which we’ll link to here when it’s ready.

If you don’t like to read, watch the video

When should I use beard oil?

The best possible time to put oil in your beard is right after a warm shower. If you like to take cold showers for some reason, just make sure to rinse your face with warm water before you are done. The reason to use warm water is so that your pores and facial hair are as open and supple as possible.

When you get out of the shower, simply dry off like normal, making sure to dry your beard as well. You don’t want a soaking-wet beard for this, oil and water don’t mix. When your beard is pretty much dry, stop what you are doing and apply beard oil!

How much beard oil should I use?

This answer depends on how long your beard is and how oily you naturally are. There are some general guidelines when using a quality beard oil, though:

how to use beard oil how much beard oil to use how often to use beard oil best beard products

  • Stubble: Use only 1 drop of oil
  • Baby beard: Use 1-2 drops
  • Mid-length beard: Use between 3-5 drops
  • Long beard: Use 6+ drops

Protip: if your bottle doesn’t have a dropper, you can put your finger pad over the opening of the bottle and invert the bottle onto your finger.  This will be equal to about 1 drop or a little less (so if you need 3 drops, just use 3 fingers!)

Again, this is a starting point. Everyone absorbs oil a bit differently. Your best bet is to start with one of the guidelines above and adjust a bit each day until you feel you’ve reached that perfect amount. A little goes a long way!

How to use beard oil

The process of applying beard oil is pretty straight forward and hard to mess up. If you get the oil in your beard, you are doing it right. But in case you want a bit more detail, the steps to follow:

  1. Put beard oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil across both hands
  2. Starting at the base of your neck, touch your fingers against your skin, then move your hands up towards your cheeks and up through the rest of your facial hair
  3. Keep massaging for a few seconds and then move onto your moustache, you’ll only need a little bit there
  4. Brush (or comb) your beard back into place.

four steps showing how to use beard oil

Protip: brushing (or combing) actually helps spread the oil out and around your beard even more. Brushes spread more effectively than combs, but also add a bit more volume to the beard. Try to get the teeth or bristles all the way to your skin to make sure it’s getting some oil too.

That’s it! Each man ends up with his own tweaks to the process in the end. Just stop fussing over how to apply beard oil and start using it already!

How often should I use beard oil?

While each person will use beard oil at different frequences, in general you should use beard oil:

  • 3-7 times per week will work for most people
  • Apply it after most showers you take, because the shower washes out your natural oils
  • Add a few spot treatments as needed, when your beard is looking dry or unruly
  • Find the right balance for you, some people have enough natural oil for less frequent applications, others need beard oil twice a day!
  • Adjust your routine based on the climate – for example, use beard oil more often when it’s cold or very humid
  • Adjust based on your age – old age causes your body to produce less natural oil so you need more beard oil to compensate

Develop your whole beard care routine

Great beard care starts with beard oil, but it doesn’t stop there. Try beard balms for a more sculpted look, beard conditioners or hot beard oil treatments for deeper hydration, and a good pair of trimmers to keep the barber away.

Happy bearding!

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