How to grow a beard: From stubble to sterling

Beards know how to grow a beard

Knowing how to grow a beard may seem like a no-brainer, but the journey from stubble to sterling has its ups and downs.

We’ve all been in that awkward beard phase. You’re a few days (sometimes weeks) into your plan to turn that dashing stubble into the perfectly sculpted beard, but it’s itchy, it’s patchy, it’s scratchy, and it’s not quite there yet.

And that’s when most of us give up. But you don’t need to. Not this time.

How to grow a beard

If only it were as simple as ceasing to shave. As it turns out, that’s the easy part. Despite the odd workplace taunt or sideways remark from a loved one, putting down the razor is a breeze. The real challenge begins when you start likening your face to a patchwork quilt…

learning how to grow a beard is easy

Those patchy days can be avoided by learning how to properly oil, sculpt and shape your beard growth. There are a variety of techniques for maintaining a proper beard, and as you learn them, you’ll pass through that awkward phase and become a true beardsman.

Why is my beard itchy?

Your beard can be itchy for a couple of reasons. When you shave, your beard hairs can retreat beneath the skin. When they grow out that can make your skin irritable. This kind of itching lasts a maximum of three weeks, though for most it’s must shorter.

why is my beard itchy

The second type of itching is from dry and irritated skin. When you grow a beard, the skin beneath your beard needs extra special care, and we’re going to show you just how to do it.

What is a patchy beard?

A patchy beard is a beard that is noticeably not uniform in length, thickness and distribution. Somewhat counter-intuitively, the only way to get rid of patchiness is to grow your beard out with good sculpting and styling.

grow your beard long time

Here are some techniques for how to grow a beard, as well as getting around patchiness and relieving itchiness.

Wash and comb your beard

A beard that is properly combed and washed will have more volume and lie naturally and evenly. While it won’t stop patchiness, it will help with shaping and grooming your beard to mask the patchy areas, as well as greatly relieve itchiness caused by dry skin.

There’s plenty of products out there, but we recommend Weirdy Beardy’s Beard Buff for its exfoliating properties, to keep the skin underneath your beard clean and healthy.

wash your beard make it sparkle

Now that your beard is washed you can comb out any knots with ease. No knots means a longer, more even looking beard. Comb in the directions you want to sculpt. It will help train your beard when you start using oil.

Using oil to shape your beard

The right beard oil is healthy for your beard and underlying skin, and can be applied evenly for expert shaping. There are a number of ways to oil your beard, but really it falls down to the individual and how they want to shape their beard in relation to their face.

keep your beard in shape

As your beard is growing out, using beard oil like Weirdy Beardy Woodpecker or The Bearded Chap Original can help to hide the patchiness until it grows out. For more tips on sculpting your beard, check out this guide on how to shape a beard without trimming.

Trimming your beard

This is an art form all of its own. You’ll just have to read Steve Purcell’s (co-founder of Uppercut Deluxe) handy step by step guide. Basically, you’ll want to hit a barber that first time, but with practice, you can learn to sculpt your beard yourself.

Last but not least, stay away from this guy:

how not to grow a beard

Now that you know how to grow a beard, enjoy your ride toward the epitome of manliness! 😉

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