How to grow a beard in eight seconds… Kinda

Apparently you just gotta eat your kimchi…?

One day Simon from decided to grow a beard, here’s how he did it.

Hailing from Canada, Simon is well-known internet personality who moved to South Korea with his wife in 2008. Their internet stardom began with a handful of lame videos, now they’re legit YouTubers who just make videos full-time.

“In fact, they’re probably making videos right now, as you’re reading this.”

Simon admits that the video is obviously not an accurate representation of what it takes to grow a beard. But kudos to him for taking the time and effort to make an awesome video.

He’s put the call out for any beardsman who might know of a decent barbershop in Korea. I think we should help him out with some tips on trimming it himself just in case.

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