How to drink with a mustache without the mess

how to drink with a mustache or beard

You’ve chosen to grow a long mustache, but how on earth are you meant to go about taking a swig of your favourite beverage?

Chances are, if you’ve committed to growing a beard, you’ve chosen to cultivate follicles on your philtrum. If not, you’ve gone for the amish look and most likely don’t need any advice regarding your upper lip.

There’s nothing quite like a stonking ‘stache to top off a well crafted piece of lady bait (or man bait of course). But it comes at a cost. A cost that jeopardises an act of utmost importance.


Now speaking from personal experience, the moustache oozes manliness. But I bet even the manliest of mustachios (Nick Offerman obviously) would agree that a long mo’ doesn’t always have your best interests at heart.

In fact, I’ve had an important meeting where the gentleman with whom I was doing business, ordered me a coffee. When I noticed the waiter carefully making his way over with a giant saucer of cappuccino, I knew I’d soon be down a shirt.

I painstakingly made my way through the giant caffeinated beverage, a huge wad of napkins and an afternoon pondering how to drink with a mustache effectively.

Chances are you’ve heard of the Whisker Dam, but if like me you’re yet to invest, this video will show you how to get by in the meantime. If you’re not a fan of video, seeing my face or hearing my voice, then here’s a few handy hints for drinking with a moustache.

Drinking tips for the moustached man

When you’re at a cafe, always order your drink in a takeway cup. Especially if it’s coffee or tea.

Get yourself a whisker dam, or a Keep Cup. I often use my Keep Cup because it’s good for the environment and most places offer a discount if you bring one along (cafe saves a disposable cup).

Go to town on that lip tickler with a nice firm moustache wax, or a good quality beard balm containing bee’s wax.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and watch our video on drinking with a moustache. Soon you’ll be well equipped to employ the old “thumb ‘n’ index” trick to get that marvellous mustache outta the way of some much needed hydration.

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