How To Apply Beard Oil Without a Comb

how to apply beard oil without a comb

We’ve already learnt how to apply beard oil properly, but what about those not so proper, curly and burly beard days?

There’s nothing pleasant about having a comb snagged in your short (or long) and curlys. For some of us this can be a daily inconvenience, regardless of the quality of our comb of choice.

I’ve got a curly beard and for too long I attempted combing it with a cheap plastic piece of junk. After finally investing in a decent quiver of beard maintenance tools, I was disappointed to find that I was still having issues ‘raking’ my follicle farm.

Sure, you can always give your beard a quick run through in the shower, but we all know the importance of using a comb when learning how to apply beard oil. Not only does combing keep your beard looking neat, it’s a great way to ensure your beard oil is evenly distributed after applying it.

Some gents are blessed with dead straight beard hairs, but for many of us combing can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s amazing what level of anxiety can come with the falling of precious beard and moustache hairs.

How to apply beard oil: No comb, no worries!

When it comes to applying beard oil you want to ensure you’re doing it on a daily basis for healthy skin. Even if your beard is really curly you can learn how to apply beard oil in such a manner that you’ll only need to use your hands. Besides, there are benefits to giving your beard a rest from brushing and combing.

Depending on the environment you’re in, or your line of work, a more rugged look might better suit your taste anyway. I for example, am very fortunate to work from home and for the majority of the week have only myself to impress with my bearding prowess.

So feel free to embrace your inner wilding and apply beard oil with only your man-hands. I’ve got a few handy tips on how to apply beard oil without using a comb.

Choose the right beard oil for the job

choose which beard oil you want to apply

If you’re only going to be applying the beard oil with your hands and fingers, it’s best to choose one with a lower viscosity. If you choose a beard oil that is more viscous than you’ll find that it’s harder to get the kind of coverage you need without the use of a comb.

My favourites for learning how to apply beard oil the ‘no comb, no worries’ way. 

Put only a few drops in the palm of your hand

how to add beard oil to your palms

Usually it’s advised to add whatever beard oil you are using to the palm of your hand. I only apply a two to three drops at this point. I’ll use the palms mainly for spreading a little beard oil around the exterior.

Put a few more drops on your fingers

how to add beard oil to your fingers

We will essentially be using our fingers like a rake so it’s really handy to apply four or five drops here too.

Interlock your fingers and spread beard oil between them

how to apply beard oil between your fingers

This step is really helpful for ensuring that when using your fingers to run the oil through your beard, you can easily apply it right down to the skin. It’s also handy when you get around to apply beard oil around your moustache.

Lightly dress your beard with oil

how to dress your beard with beard oil

I like to lightly run my palms over the exterior of my beard just to give some of those thirsty ends a bit of a drink.

Start at the base of your neckline

how to apply beard oil to your neckline

You want to get right underneath your beard and enter from there. Make sure your fingers are pressing onto your underlying skin and keep in mind you want to get beard oil down to all those roots.

Massage the beard oil into your face

how to apply beard oil to your skin

Take some time to massage the beard oil into your neck, cheeks and jawline. Gently spread the oil as much as possible without causing too much stress on your beard hairs. As you move your hands outward from your face, rake your fingers through that majestic mane. Stoke it like it’s the king of the jungle.

Re-enter your beard closer to the cheekline

how to apply beard oil to your cheekline

At this stage it’s worth paying a little extra attention to the upper regions of your face beneath the rug. The extremities are often overlooked and yet they are the first parts to dry out. Be sure to run your fingers in closely alongside your mouth and under your bottom lip.

Apply beard oil to your moustache

how to apply beard oil to your moustache

Don’t neglect that fuzz on your philtrum, in fact pay the skin in that area some special attention. Being a small space means that we don’t often get much oil into the roots of our moustache hairs. Not only is our philtrum very sensitive, the roots in the area get a regular workout, especially if you use a firm hold moustache wax.

Shape your beard using remaining beard oil

how to shape your beard with beard oil

We’ve spent plenty of time sharing tips on how to shape your beard without trimming, you can check out our guide right here in fact. But keep in mind, this technique is about embracing your ruggedness and giving your follicles a chance to recover once in a while.

I spend a lot of time looking at and playing with my beard, not to mention the many products that make their way into my mane. So I like to take a few days a week off from a strict grooming regime and just give my face a break. I’m also fond of mixing up my look day to day to make up for the fact that I only own about 5 shirts and 2 sets of pants… Yeah you probably guessed it, I’ve got a wardrobe full of Beardspo Shirts.

Next time you consider how to apply beard oil, why not embrace your inner woodsman and show the world your rugged side. If not, I’m sure there will be a time you forget to pack your comb. Happy bearding!

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