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You know what really grinds my beard? Lumberjack Doff takes reader submitted complaints and does something about them. We want to get retribution for any gripes readers have with anything.

  • Lumberjack Doff vs Playstation 4

    Lumberjack Doff vs Playstation Network

    Having no intention of making purchases during a ‘free trial’ of Playstation Network, Steve of Brisbane, was less than amused when he received thank you emails for downloading games to a Playstation he had never seen. “After ten days of free access, my account got hacked,” he said. “The first indication my account was hacked were notes […] More

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  • Pogono-files

    The Pogono-Files: Why Anti Beard Research Is Rubbish

    Research says women don’t find men with beards attractive because it makes them appear aggressive and older. As a fuzz-lover I call bullshit. I do recall once being told ‘women don’t like nice guys also.’ Pogonophiles (I hate this word as it’s close to pedophile) find men with beards attractive BECAUSE it makes them appear […] More

  • Grinds My Beard

    With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility

    Apparently bearded men are seen to be more aggressive than their baby-faced counterparts? I personally identify as a reasonably sophisticated guy. I’ve been running my own business for a while, I drive a soccer mum car, and I steer clear of wine that retails for less than $20 a bottle. Are my characteristics really synonymous with those […] More

  • Youth and young manhood

    Youth and Young Manhood

    Bearding is in my blood and I know it, although the one time I actually met my biological father, he was clean shaven and so was I. I’m sure he’s worn a beard before as I know for certain he’s into bikes. Nothing goes with a bike better than a beard. As a young sprite I […] More