Deer and Beard

Deer and Beard

“Stay cool, travel, nature. Be what you want to be or be what you are.”

This is how Alex, the artist behind Deer and Beard, describes the bearded lifestyle. Alex has been growing his beard for the last two years. He’d like to grow a longer beard but due to his employer’s facial fur policy, Alex has to keep his beard at a certain length.

“It’s really aesthetic and manly to wear a beard,” says Alex. He particularly enjoys sporting the classic handlebar moustache he wears today. “I really love the style of wearing a beard and the lifestyle it gives,” says Alex.

His friends and family were surprised when Alex first started letting his beard grow to its full potential. It took some time for them to warm up to it but now they tell him it fits him well.

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Growing his beard is partially what inspired Alex to begin to draw again. Drawing and sketching portraits and landscapes was a regular activity for Alex when he was a younger man. Then one day “for no particular reason,” he took a break from it. About 12 years passed before he picked up his sketch book and a pencil, but then one day Alex started drawing landscapes and portraits again.

For the last year Alex has been inspired by not only his own beard, but the beards he sees day to day and on social media. He since then has been concentrating on sketching bearded gentlemen. “I draw Women as well, but really enjoy working on a hairy face. It just comes naturally,” says Alex. 

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Alex particularly enjoys the detailing of such furry portraits. These drawings usually take Alex about two hours to complete. “My portraits are quite realistic combined with a landscape or strange atmosphere,” he said.

“Nature and beards.”

Although he resides in the beautiful city of Marseille, France, Alex’s spirit is deep in the forest. “I want to live in a forest,” says Alex. This too transcends into much of his artwork. Alex says he creates an “oniric world” with his drawings.

Alex draws with only pen and pencil in his 13cm x 21cm sketch book which he carries with him everywhere. This way he can sketch whenever inspiration hits him. “I can draw at home, in bars…”

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Basically the world is his art studio.

Alex hasn’t put any of his portraits up for sale yet but is considering creating pieces that he may someday offer to admirers of his beard art. Having several rad tattoos himself, Alex also has plans to collaborate with friend of his who is a tattoo artist.

With such talent, the possibilities are endless.

Alex’s artwork can be seen on his Instagram page @deerandbeard.

As well as on Facebook at Deerandbeard.

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