Completing the look: the best accessories for your beard

Best Accessories For Your Beard

So you’ve grown a face-mane worthy of admiration, you’ve groomed and manicured it to perfection, and you have some seriously distinguished products sitting on your bathroom shelves. But growing a beard is only half the journey when it comes to cultivating “the look”. Beard culture is not just about the whiskers – whether you’re a lumberjack man, a goatee bloke or an “old Dutch”, you’ll need a few key accessories to complete your bearded style.

The pipe

There’s nothing like a bearded man with a pipe. Photos of our forebears from the 19th century and earlier prove that the pairing of beard and pipe has been a long and illustrious relationship. A tobacco-smoking chap in a rustic wooden pipe just says “unattainably cool”. Alas, tobacco is a known carcinogen and not at all good for our lungs, so it might be best to keep your pipe in its place in your top pocket, and away from your whiskered mouth.

The whisky flask

A manly man should always carry his hip flask. You never know when you’re going to get caught up in the woods hunting wild elk and needing some sweet relief. With some seriously dapper varieties going around at the moment, you can choose between stainless steel, tweed-covered, leather-coated, woodgrain or printed. You can even have one personalised with your own name etched on it.

The spectacles

You’ve probably already figured out that your beard makes you look twice as distinguished. But did you know you can amplify that effect by wearing those very accessories that you used to fear? Toss out those contact lenses, glasses have the potential to elevate your chic cred – think black rimmed or frameless. Tortoiseshell is also a great option for bearded men. Have a chat to your optometrist for their advice on frames that suits your face shape.

Bling for your beard

If you want to take it to another level, there are plenty of accessories you can affix directly to your treasured beard. From beads to bands to veritable garlands, beard accessories can look very cool. But they can also look very bad, very easily. Take it easy with the beard bling – perhaps all you need is a smart, personalised wooden comb that you can whip out at will. This will have the effect of not only flashing your uber-stylised accessory, but will also draw attention to your mane. Double win.

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