Chris John Millington and my seemingly pornographic Instagram feed

Just like me, your feed might be filled with the likes of Chris John Millington and so what if it does? If you’re a bearded man, you understand very well the benefits of beard appreciation.

Whether you’re into guys, women, or both, finally we all have something to compliment each other on. This movement is a big deal and has the potential to bring change in the area of MENtal health.

You know very well that your beard makes you feel great, as it does for many other blokes. So next time you’re indulging in the guilty pleasure of admiring another man’s beard, disregard what anyone thinks. Beards are here to stay. Be glad that there’s personalities like Chris John Millington keeping our expression of manliness in the spotlight.

If the general population can learn to accept beards, imagine what else they could learn to accept. Beard on!