The best beards of Game of Thrones

Winter is coming, and with it an array of the best medieval-style beards you’ll find on television. From the full-bodied rugged bushiness of Robert Baratheon to the fiery red flows of Tormund Giantsbane, Game of Thrones offers more beard-spiration than just about any other television show. Here are three of the best, and what you can do to achieve similar manly face-locks.

Khal Drogo


Built like a WWE fighter, covered in war paint and with a presence powerful enough to make men quiver in his wake, Drogo is the epitome of a warrior lord. He also has a damn fine beard. Dark and manicured, the trick to getting Drogo’s perfect beard is careful grooming with a selection of beard combs before applying product such as the Weirdy Beardy Beard Buff. Next, source some small bands and carefully section your beard into the Drogo “ponytail” style.

Tyrion Lannister


After a rough trot and being kidnapped by Sir Jorah, our usually fresh-faced hero has turned up sporting something of a rugged face mane. Tyrion rocks his full beard style. Emulating Tyrion’s look however, is trickier than it may look – even though it looks no-fuss, there is method in the madness. It requires an even length throughout, so you’ll need to visit a trimmer with an eye for symmetry. Actor Peter Dinklage says it took him quite a few months to grow. If you’re a slow-grower, you might want to consider some beard growth products.

Tormund Giantsbane


Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju’s red beard would have to be the most majestic in all of Westeros. If you also live in a cold climate like Giantsbane, The Breaker of Ice, you should aspire to grow a facial do worthy of your climes. Hivju credits drinking beer and eating meat for the impressive growth of his beard, and it looks like there might be some truth in that. Diets high in protein make hair grow faster and you could also consider supplementing with vitamins B6, C and E to keep your beard (and skin) in tip-top shape.