Best beards of Instagram for 2014

Best Beards 2014

2014 marked a big year for the hirsute gentleman. Here’s our pick of the best beards of Instagram. If you haven’t lurked them yet, get creeping.

21. Jona Weinhofen

A photo posted by Jona Weinhofen (@jonaweinhofen) on

20. Mike Williams

19. Nick Holliday

18. Brandon Baker

17. Fredrick Von Knox

16. Dylan Oaks

A photo posted by Dylan Oaks (@oaksdylan) on

15. Tommy Franklin

14. Nathen Coles

13. Carlos Costa

A photo posted by Carlos Costa (@roque_80) on

12. Levi Stocke

A photo posted by Levi Stocke (@levistocke) on

11. Dijon Johnson

A photo posted by Dijon Johnson (@fastmustard) on

10. Alessandro Manfredini

A photo posted by @alessandro_manfredini on

9. Dan Bilzerian

8. Chris John Millington

7. Joel Geiger

A photo posted by Joel (@gurugeiger_the_brown) on

6. Luke Ditella

A photo posted by Luke Ditella (@lukeditella) on

5. Nickelson Wooster

4. Madison Rowley

A photo posted by Madison Rowley (@maaddogg) on

3. Isaiah Webb (Incredibeard)

2. Rameet Chawla

A photo posted by Rameet Chawla (@rameet) on

1. Jimmy Niggles

A photo posted by Beard Season (@beardseason) on

Tell us who had your favourite beard of 2014 on the Beardspo Facebook page.

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Written by Natasha Christian

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Natasha Christian is a news producer for Yahoo7 and editor for She also runs mental health project Anxiety Exists and has a never ending Lego collection. She currently lives in Perth, Australia.