How To Make Your Beard Softer: Hot Coconut Oil Treatment

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As the weather gets cold, your beard can suffer and turn into a wiry, brittle nest. Learn how to soften it out with coconut oil and a hot oil beard treatment.

As we all strive toward our career best beards, sometimes the elements get the better of us. We all have bad hair days right!?

A few times a year we need to give our beards a more serious treatment just to show it who’s boss. Growing a beard involves such a long term commitment that sometimes a lack of progress can have us second guessing why we took on the life of a beardsman in the first place.

How to make your beard softer: hot oil treatment

  1. Wash your beard thoroughly
  2. Apply generous amount of coconut oil (or favorite beard oil) to your beard
  3. Distribute oil evenly
  4. Heat up a face or dish-towel
  5. Wrap it around your beard for 5 minutes

One of the best ways of growing a beard successfully is leaving it alone.

But once you’ve fallen victim to the harsh realities of a commitment to growth, there comes a time when your face rug will need some good old TLC. That’s where this secret to your best beard yet comes in handy!

How to perform a hot oil beard treatment

1. Wash your beard thoroughly

Start by cleansing your beard, give it a good clean to strip all that crap you’ve collected being manly. When it comes to dealing with filthy follicles, I love a nice scrub-down with the all-natural Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo.

Whatever you do, don’t use commercial shampoos or conditioners prior to hot oil treatment, you wanna keep those locks luscious by all means.

2. Generously apply coconut oil (or your favorite beard oil)

Apply a generous amount of oil and work it through your beard. By generous, I mean an entire damn pipette full. You want your beard to be like an Turkish oil wrestler – nice and slick.

Soften your beard using a hot beard oil treatment with coconut oil
Source: Facebook (CemilK)

Doesn’t really matter how you get the oil into your beard – you can even pour it directly from the pipette.

We recommend coconut oil because:

Fractionated coconut oil (like this one) works quite well because it is liquid at room temperature. If you’ve got any pure coconut oil sitting around it’ll work! You’ll just have to heat it gently or work it a bit on your palms to melt it.

(There’s a lot of science behind why coconut oil is the best, like how the high amount of polar triglycerides in coconut oil help to actually penetrate the tough, keratin-sheathed outer surface. For some of you this is just blah-blah, for others like us, highly fascinating. Visit our source for more detail.)

3. Distribute throughout your beard

Use a beard brush or comb, to work it the oil through your hair. You can use your fingers too. Or, if you’re in a pinch, sneak your girlfriend’s hair brush and work that through. Although as a precaution – if you use that thing when your beard is less oily, it will probably tug at your hairs and hurt a lot. Long term, getcha own!

4. Heat up face or dish towel

Soak a smallish towel in water, wring it out and then heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds. If you’re a full blown lumberjack and haven’t got a microwave, then heat your towel under hot running water or gently bring it up to temperature by steaming it over a medium heat.

using a hot towel on an oiled beard to create a hot coconut oil treatment
Source: Art of Manliness

Think about simulating the hot towel you get at a barber shop. Fold it to a manageable size so it’s easier to wrap your beard once the towel is piping hot.

Be mindful of the temperature of your towel before you go throwing it at your face (and more importantly your beard). You don’t want it to be unbearably hot but certainly not cold. Think about how hot you like the shower on the back of your neck.

5. Wrap your beard for 5 minutes

If your towel cools down quickly, heat it up again and reapply. You can do this a few times if you like, but after a while the towel will start to dry out. Make sure you keep your beard wrapped up for at least 5 minutes. Then pop back in the shower for a rinse and towel dry.

Enjoy your very best beard

You’re done my friend, this should revitalise your beard and introduce some newfound moisture. Before you know it you’ve calmed that bad boy down, now it’s time to get back to looking like a boss.

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