Best Beard Products: Discover Them with Whiskr

Best Beard Products Discovered by Whiskr

Unlike our beards, the best beard products aren’t always right under our noses.

The beard product market is a busy place, with hundreds of brands and thousands of products, new options are surfacing almost daily. As we experience the bearding revolution we are very fortunate to have a wealth of choice.

Best Beard Products… Tough Choice!

Unfortunately an abundance of choice can result in indecision and confusion. Not to mention that acquiring a product as personal as beard oil for example, requires a certain level of consideration. That can be tough without the traditional ‘try before you buy’ luxury of a brick and mortar shop front.

That’s why we decided to build – Product Hunt for Beardsmen.

With many brands selling exclusively online, it can be hard enough deciding if their products are right for your beard, let alone find them in the first place. Rather than run the risk of ‘spraying and praying’ you can now turn to fellow beardsmen to help you discover the latest and greatest.

With Your Help, Whiskr Discovers The Best Beard Products!

By harnessing the power of community we can surface the best beard products and spark discussion to help you decide on which tools will best equip your ‘hirsute of happiness.’

Making use of ranking algorithms as Reddit and Product Hunt do, we are able to effectively rank submissions in a way that beard product makers will have the chance to be discovered, while making sure that the best beard products have a chance at landing in your beards!

It’s early days, but if we can provide a great tool for beard growers, then we will invest the time, effort and money to make Whiskr the best beard product discovery platform in the world.

Be sure to check out the video above or head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe!

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