Best beard oils to pamper your beard

best beard oils to pamper your beard

The journey to a beastly beard can come to a screeching halt at the slightest onset of itching. Even as an experienced beardsman there will come a time when you consider throwing in the towel as a victim of ‘beardruff.’

If you’ve got a beard on your face or know some who does, you’re bound to have come across an array of beard care products. In most cases your beard’s first encounter with such goodies will be the result of an ‘itchy speedbump’ on your road to bearding glory.

Beard oil alleviates irritation, softens your beard and even helps with to control the onset of acne beneath your beard. Due to an ever expanding market and widening range of products available, it’s worthwhile getting a gauge on the best beard oils to suit your taste.

Once you’ve chosen a beard oil using our guide,  check out our post on how to properly apply beard oil.

Best beard oils: things to consider

Before dousing your luscious mane with a selection of oils, there are a few criteria you should first take into account.

  • Scent used – your beard’s right under your nose so you’ll want something you enjoy the smell of.
  • Quality of ingredients – you’ll want to keep tabs on whether or not you’re getting pure extracts.
  • Desired results  – keep in mind what you’re hoping to achieve by using a beard oil.
  • Price – find the right balance between quality and affordability, how much will you use?

When compiling a list of the best beard oils on the market, I thought it best to first consider scents as an important deciding factor. It’s a very personal choice and let’s face it, if you don’t like the smell it won’t last long in your beard.

Best beard oil: woody scent

Weirdy Beardy Woodpecker Beard Oil 50mL – $39AUD

 best beard oils woody

Best beard oil: classic scent

The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil 30mL – $40AUD

best beard oils classic

Best beard oil: fruity scent

Apothecary 87 Milly’s Vanilla and MANgo Beard Oil 8.6g – $19.95AUD

best beard oils fruity

Best beard oil: floral/minty scent

The Bearded Bastard R.E Byrd Beard Oil – $35.95AUD

best beard oils floral minty

Best beard oil: scent free

Beardbrand Blank Slate Beard Oil 30mL – $14.99USD

best beard oils scent free

Clearly finding the best beard oils to suit your needs is going to be different for everyone. Start with finding a scent you’re happy with you and follow up by doing some further research:

  • Check what ingredients have been used and whether or not they’re diluted, it’s worth seeking out quality.
  • Find out what sort of results other users have achieved by reading some reviews and checking ratings.
  • Ensure the desired beard oil is at a price you can afford, keeping in mind how much you’ll need to use.

For more info on application, check out our post on how to properly apply beard oil.

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