Behind The Beard: Steve LaVoice Jr.

Steve LaVoice Jr

“Having a beard is a manly thing, when you feel manly you smoke a tobacco pipe.”

Lucky enough to have been blessed with strong beard genes passed down from generations, Steve first started growing his facial hair out at merely fifteen years of age.

“I tried the mutton chops and goatees in the past,” said Steve. But for the past three years he has let his burly beard grow to its full potential. Only trimming it in the springtime and letting it grow full throughout the rest of the year.

Behind this fantastic beard is a husband and a father of three who by day, drives a truck for a living. At night, Steve creates custom hand made tobacco pipes. What’s more manly than that, right?

Self taught this past year, Steve takes a small block of Briar wood. With hack saw, Dremel and hand he creates one of a kind functional works of art.

“It took me an entire day to create my first one,” said Steve, but in less then a year he has pretty much perfected his craft and can now complete a pipe in two to four hours. Steve has already sold over 85 hand crafted pipes. Many he’s created from his own imagination.

“I really enjoy creating my own designs,” said Steve. “I am trying to create a signature piece.”

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He likes when a customer works with him on brainstorming  ideas to create a one of a kind tobacco pipe. Steve recently had the pleasure of creating a Lord Of The Rings inspired ‘Hobbit’ pipe.

“What’s a Hobbit pipe?”

After a little research, the creative juices started flowing and before long, Steve’s unique creation was in his very happy customers hands.

Steve creates the pipes and his wife creates the packaging. She stains the wood boxes that the pipe is shipped in and assembles a unique key chain that is created from the same block of Briar wood as the pipe. “She does a beautiful job of putting it all together.”

Steve’s Grandfather is the inspiration behind the name Owl Pipes. Old Warren LaVoice has been a life long tobacco pipe smoker. “He smokes his pipe as he sits on his front porch in his rocking chair and still does to this day,” said Steve.

When I asked Steve about the correlation between bearded men and tobacco pipes, he said; “Having a beard is a manly thing, when you feel manly you smoke a tobacco pipe.”

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And I, for one, wholeheartedly agree!

Steve’s incredible work can be seen on Instagram @owlpipes as well as on his Facebook page.

Be on the look out for coming soon!

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