Behind The Beard: Peter Harwood

Peter Harwood

“The first people to wear a full beard with a shaved head were the arabs, for me it’s the perfect utility for surviving Queensland summers.”

As a young man of Persian descent, Pete takes advantage of the fullness of his beard to compensate for the lack of coverage on his head. “As sweat beads off my clean shaven head and collects in my beard, any updraft of air provides a natural cooling effect,” he said.

Utilitarian benefits aside, Pete attributes his beard as having a positive effect on his confidence. “It provides a barrier between me and the outside world,” he said.

Whilst displaying an awareness of the positive effects a beard can have on one’s self esteem, it was inspiring to learn of Pete’s passion for mental health in general. Devoting much of his professional life devoted to the mental health of others, Pete is an experienced disability carer.

“I’ve worked with patients who deal with problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction and schizophrenia,” he said. “These days I’m dealing much more with people who are faced with the challenges of autism, multiple sclerosis and paraplegia.”

Quite admirably, Pete still finds time to explore his creativity and is well renowned for his many talents. Exploring interests in exotic cultures in his spare time, Pete is well versed in Middle Eastern cuisine.

“One of my favourite dishes to cook is Ghormeh Sabzi, meaning stewed herbs,” Pete said.

As a talented musician whose experience ranges from death metal to folk, Pete’s current weapon of choice is the Saz, a stringed Turkish instrument. Although spending much of his spare time playing exotic instruments, his impressive quiver also includes a number of guitars and a banjo.


Pete’s currently exploring the realms of bluegrass, folk and alt-country with his band River City Rangers. Head over to their Facebook page to have a listen and stay posted about any upcoming gigs.

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