Behind The Beard: Dijon Johnson

Dijon Johnson

Dijon Johnson may be widely known as ‘Fast Mustard,’ but it’s his salt and pepper beard that’s the flavour of the month.

UPDATE 13th Oct 2015: Dijon has recently embarked on a new business journey with his new venture, RENNEN Metrics.

A successful entrepreneur who’s paved his own path in the motorsport and manufacturing industries, Dijon recently found a new passion, bearding in the name of men’s health. “It all started at a restaurant on the Hawkesbury River when I approached Jimmy Niggles to congratulate him on his beard,” he said.

“His beard parted ways, his chest hair parted ways and his abs glistened, as he ran Baywatch style down the beach.”

Dijon is now proud to call Jimmy a close friend as a result of the chance encounter. “I’m a huge supporter of Beard Season,” he said.

Despite his success in the corporate world, Dijon is known for breaking the mould in more ways than one. Not only has he chosen to embrace the beard, he’s also expressing himself with a collection of tattoos. “Prior to my 40th birthday I started this sleeve tattoo in homage to Juan Manuel Fangio and all things vintage motorsport,” he said.

In stark contrast to his professional attire, Dijon isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and show off his ink. “I’ve never had to cover up my tattoos, they’re a conversation starter, as are the beards.”

Regularly doing business with the likes of Bentley and Lamborghini, he’s used to the pressure of doing deals with the big boys and somewhat attributes his success to having a beard. “The beard is something to break the ice with, it definitely effects your confidence,” he said.

In the near future, Dijon is set to take his beard from the boardroom to the Big Apple after being approached by an interesting fellow on the streets of Boston. “He asked me to go to New York fashion week and wear some of his clothes, my beard is taking on a life of it’s own.”

Responding to everything from “Mr. Mustard” to “Beard Guy,” he’s well aware of what bearding excellence can do to a man’s ego. “When people start approaching you and complimenting your beard, your head tends to get pretty big,” he said.

On top of extra attention from fellow beardsmen, Dijon has had to adapt to ongoing flattery from the opposite sex. “Ladies look you up and down then smile,” he said. “If I could give aspiring beardsmen any advice it would be to start bearding and just let it grow.”

Dijon will be kicking off next year’s Beard Season with a bang, taking part in a 10 day car rally with The Beard Project. Departing from Perth, the group will arrive in Sydney just in time to meet Jimmy Niggles for the launch party at the commencement of winter.

Make sure you sign up as a Beard Season ambassador and support melanoma awareness, it’s as easy as getting a skin check and growing your beard.

To find out more about Dijon and what he’s up to, follow @fastmustard on Twitter and Instagram, and keep an eye out for #BecauseBeard.

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