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  • At Brigham Young, Students Push to Lift Ban on Beards

    Students push to lift ban on beards

    The dark pants, tightly knotted ties and crisp white shirts that once defined the Mormon man are nearly absent at Brigham Young University, the Mormon school that dominates this city. Instead, the young men crisscrossing this campus look a lot like everyone else: They wear skinny jeans and flannel tops, gym shorts and sweatshirts. They […] More

  • Can A $200 Beard-Growing Kit Make You Cool? We Gave It A Try

    Can a $200 beard growing kit make you cool?

    Eric Bandholz’s company Beardbrand is tapping into a growth market. Beards have made a big comeback over the past few years, and lots of new beardsmen are eager for products to help tend the bush. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of men with face fuzz increased 21%, and men’s grooming products in general are […] More

  • The great Victorian beard craze

    The Great Victorian beard craze

    The beard fashion of the past 10 years on both sides of the Atlantic mirrors an earlier facial hair craze, which started during the Crimean War, lasted for three decades, and was only entirely stamped out with the invention of the disposable razor in the early 1900s, writes Lucinda Hawksley. In the mid-19th Century, men […] More

  • The Comedy of Beards

    The Comedy of Beards

    Brian Petre has a bushy, auburn beard, and he’s somewhat overweight. In other words, he’s funny. “Everything I do makes people laugh,” he says. “I used to shave every day so I wouldn’t have to deal with it, but then finally I gave in.” In the middle of 2012, Petre quit his job as a […] More

  • Watch This Creative Dad Make the Ultimate 'Case' for His Beard

    Brooklyn Dad Shaves Then Saves His Beard

    Beards have become so popular that many new Dads are facing up to whether or not their new borns will warm to a beardy beast. A Brooklyn Dad figured out he could lose his beard in time for the baby, without actually using it… See the full story on Gothamist More

  • Beards reveal athletes’ talent

    Beards Reveal Athletes’ Talent

    This got me thinking: What if facial hair, which is already a reliable indicator of masculinity, could be used to predict a player’s athletic ability? However, the world of sport is varied; soccer players are not the same as basketball players, so it is more accurate to break this down into individual sports rather than […] More