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  • Beard vs No Beard

    Beard vs no beard: what women look for in a beard

    When it comes to beard vs no beard, for most of us, there is no decision at all – let’s be honest, we’re here because we’re beard lovers. But for those still battling the age old debate of ‘to beard or not to beard’, let’s look to the opposite sex for their opinion and recommendations. […] More

  • Best Accessories For Your Beard

    Completing the look: the best accessories for your beard

    So you’ve grown a face-mane worthy of admiration, you’ve groomed and manicured it to perfection, and you have some seriously distinguished products sitting on your bathroom shelves. But growing a beard is only half the journey when it comes to cultivating “the look”. Beard culture is not just about the whiskers – whether you’re a […] More

  • Best Beards Of Game Of Thrones

    The best beards of Game of Thrones

    Winter is coming, and with it an array of the best medieval-style beards you’ll find on television. From the full-bodied rugged bushiness of Robert Baratheon to the fiery red flows of Tormund Giantsbane, Game of Thrones offers more beard-spiration than just about any other television show. Here are three of the best, and what you […] More

  • Moustache Motif

    Robin Olds: the man, the legend, the facial hair

    Some of the greatest fighting men in history had epic beards – all of the Vikings, the Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant and Henry VIII just to name a few. These famous bearded men led the charge with awesome growths adding to their power. But modern militaries generally frown upon having any kind of […] More