Bearded man risks life to rescue duck from frozen lake

THERE’S nothing like a warm, fuzzy beard story to kickstart the day.

A heroic man apparently spotted a duck trapped underneath ice in a frozen lake in Norway.

Instead of leaving it, the man jumped in the freezing cold lake risking his own life and saved the duck who was very close to death.

The man is apparently Lars Jørun Langøien and photos of him were snapped by Yngvil Søholt.

The duck, believed to be a female Goldeneye, was probably taking a dip in a non-frozen spot when it’s dived down for food and come up in a different place under ice.

Both Lars and the duck lived to tell the tale.

Check out the amazing pictures below.




Lars Jørun Langøien Photographer: Yngvil Søholt
Lars Jørun Langøien
Photographer: Yngvil Søholt





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Written by Natasha Christian

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Natasha Christian is a news producer for Yahoo7 and editor for She also runs mental health project Anxiety Exists and has a never ending Lego collection. She currently lives in Perth, Australia.