Beard Season is upon us: If you’re south of the equator, put down your razor

Beard Season 2015

As temperatures drop it’s time to put down your razors and pick up your beard game to help raise awareness and much needed funds for Melanoma research.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’ve a well established crop, that follicle farm is about to yield much more than the odd compliment from your fellow beardsmen. As the Southern Hemisphere breaches the winter months, the true power of the beard is unleashed.

If you’ve already got a beard you know exactly what I’m talking about. In your ‘hirsute of happiness’ you’ve come to find many benefits to having a beard – being equipped with the ultimate ice-breaker is just one of them.

What is Beard Season?

“Beard Season is a non-profit charity which has started a global movement, turning beards into life-saving conversation starters,” says Jimmy Niggles, the founder of Beard Season. “No one was out there encouraging people to book a skin-check, which is a huge part of the puzzle in fighting Melanoma, which is one of the world’s deadliest cancers.”

Fortunately, Melanoma is one of the most treatable forms of cancer if detected early, so become a Beard Season Ambassador and start spreading the word. I’m sure your beard has changed your life for the better and there’s no reason it can’t do the same for someone else.

Down Under, beards are a big deal and we are very fortunate to have our much loved facial fuzz embraced by main stream media. This morning Jimmy Niggles and his Beard Season crew kicked off their campaign with a bang, on the nationally broadcasted Today Show.

Despite a big night welcoming the arrival of winter for the Beard Season Launch Party, the gents got the message out like well trained professionals. They even managed to hold it together through the kind of hilarity that live Australian breakfast TV has become known for.

Beard Season Launches with a Bang!

Always at the ready to flaunt his quick-wittedness, Carl Stefanovic pounced on a slip-of-the-tongue by co-host Lisa Wilkinson. She was declaring that if her family’s beard growing prowess was anything to go by, that she too could show her support for Beard Season.

“I tell you what, I’ll grow a beard. Cause it’s in my genes,” said Wilkinson.

In true fashion, Stefanovic chimed in and with a mention of “jeans” the focus quickly turned south. Even Jimmy Niggles got to exercise a little comedic prowess.

“We’ll have to get a photo… @BeardSeason on Instagram is where you’ll see it first,” he said.

It’s that quintessential, laid back attitude of the Aussie larrikin that lends itself to Beard Season’s potential. Shedding light on what is considered a very serious and often dark subject for many. In most cases it’s hard enough getting men to talk about health issues, let alone getting regular check ups and actively raising awareness.

So once again, we are presented with yet another good reason to grow a beard. Not only for yourself, but for the greater good of those around you.

Become a Beard Season Ambassador

So if you’re in the Southern hemisphere and you’re about put face to razor, think twice about parting with that manly mane and commit to making a difference. In fact, let’s see this go bigger and raise a challenge to not only the individual, but the big corporates like BHP Billiton who for some reason have enforced beard bans.

Let’s all up our beard game and unleash the superpowers of the almighty beard!

Simply head over to the beard season website, sign up as a #BeardSeasonAmbassador and book in for a skin check.

Then get out there and spread the good word.

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