Beard Duel Is Jousting For Modern Beardsmen

Beard Duel

Forget what you know about the medieval code of chivalry, hirsute gentlemen your beards are about to be judged.

Creating a ‘hot or not’ battleground for the bearded, RFI Studios have dished out what they claim to be “a place for beards to come together for gratuitous fun.”

Whether you sport a ‘duel worthy beard’ or wish simply to vote, Beard Duel invites punters to ‘keep it real’ by exercising judgement no matter how harsh or fair.

Are you a nobleman armed with a beard looking to restore one’s honour? Well you’re in luck, skills in horseback combat and the willingness to risk one’s life are not required. The tradition of duelling is no longer reserved for male members of nobility, in fact anyone capable of a hashtag is fit for battle.

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If you’ve got Instagram, simply hashtag your best beard boasting photos #beardduel and before you know it you’ll be facing off against your arch nemeses.

Have you got what it takes to go beard to beard with some of the best in the business? The only rule is the fuzz must be sprouting from your face.

If your beard’s in need of redemption put it to the critics at

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