Barber shops expand with beards back in fashion

Barber shops expand with beards back in fashion

Beards are back in fashion and the popularity of a more hirsute appearance among mostly young men has prompted a barber shop resurgence in Perth.

While hairdressing courses are available, there is no formal training on offer for budding barbers in Western Australia, creating a shortfall in the number of skilled workers available.

“There’s not many spare people floating about who can do the job,” said Westons’ barber shop owner Justin Howley.

He and business partner James Howe are setting up their own barber school, training up to 20 students at a time in the art of barbering, which includes cut-throat shaving and beard taming.

“A lot of the clipper work and especially beards and stuff like that is completely different to the set of skills you need for hairdressing,” Mr Howe said.

Overseas barbers have helped to meet some of the demand for barbers in Perth, but it is a short-term fix.

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