Do you appreciate beards enough to do this?

Bernie and Fox Beard Feathers

Beards get plenty of love on social media, with beard enthusiasts giving much more than a ‘double-tap’ to show their appreciation.

Some very talented artists are going to great lengths to express their facial fuzz infatuation. Kate from Bernie & Fox is proud to draw inspiration from bearded men for her ever growing collection of watercolour artworks.

Bernie and Fox Beard Feathers

“A beard can add so much character and texture to a face,” she said. “They make a man look rugged and a young man look handsome.”

Using a combination of water colour paints and waterproof pens for her illustrations, Kate has given a handful of bearded men the ultimate compliment (me included).

Bernie and Fox Beard Pipe

“I like the way the pens bring tightness and detail, whilst the water colour brings looseness and texture,” said Kate.

A Finnish-Australian who completed a Bachelor of Design at QCA, Griffith University 5 years ago, Kate has found illustration to be her true passion.

Bernie and Fox Beard Plaits

Kate has found her community of followers on Instagram to be very supportive and she has thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world.

Bernie and Fox Jimmy Niggles

Prints and cards of Kate’s work will soon be on sale as she prepares to launch and transform her passion into a small business.

Bernie and Fox Beardspo

I was incredibly flattered after Kate and I got talking on Instagram and she offered to do a portrait of me (above). As a lover of rosy cheeks, they’ve quickly become her trademark. “They bring some warmth and a pop of colour,” she said.

Bernie and Fox Smiling Pastel Beard

If you like beards and can appreciate the amount of effort that goes into works like these, then make sure you follow @bernieandfox on Instagram.

Join the conversation on Facebook: What’s the most flattering gesture your beard has received? 

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