Alessandro Manfredini: The Epitome of a Silver Fox

Alessandro Manfredini

Who knew that you could look this good pushing 50?

How old is Alessandro?  What year was he born?

Alessandro was born on January 2, 1968 in Modena, Italy.  That makes him recently 49 at the time of this post!

It’s as if he has bathed daily in the fountain of youth, yet reminds you of what the epitome of mature manliness might look like with his silver locks and mane.

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He’s living proof that when bearded, tattooed men get older, they will still look awesome.

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How can I get that look?

There’s no doubt that Alessandro Manfredini is one seriously dapper beardsman, you can’t help but envy a man who gets better with age. Luckily, there’s plenty of benefits when it comes to growing a beard and looking badass as you get older is most certainly one of them.

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If you’re looking to age gracefully then making sure your beard care routine is on point will definitely help. Alessandro’s definitely using a beard oil (like this one) as part of his regular routine. To get your mustache styled similarly, you’ll need to let it grow, then use a good wax to style it out straight and to the sides.

To achieve the same sleek lines in your beard, be sure to check out our guide on how to shape your beard without trimming. Once you’ve made it past your desired length you can round your look out nicely by making sure you trim your beard the right way.

Enjoy your journey toward becoming a badass, bearded silver fox!

Alessandro Manfredini’s Bio

Alessandro is a graphic designer and ceramic sculptor by trade. You can check out some photos of his sculpture here.

How did Alessandro become the style icon and model he is today?  An interesting story lies behind this relatively recent evolution. The story goes that he bought an old farmhouse and restored it to be his dream home.  But shortly after moving in, an earthquake decimated the area and claimed several lives. His house was destroyed.

In response to the tragedy, he sank into depression. It was during this phase that he grew out his beard and mustache and bloomed into the true Silver Fox he is today. (Source: GDW)

Now, Alessandro has found success as an international model and has amassed a massive Instagram following!

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Aside from being an example of men getting better with age, he’s happy to lend his face to a good cause. A proud Beard Season ambassador, Alessandro took part in Project60 with acclaimed photographer Brock Elbank and the million dollar beard himself, Jimmy Niggles.

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Pour one out for Alessandro! He’s an inspiration to us all.

Keep on bearding.

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