Accepting and embracing the grey

Accepting and embracing the grey

When I was a younger man I had a thick rich dark brown beard with deep amber highlights. I never let it grow full like it is today due in part to my relentless job searching and career changing at the time.

As I grew older, the red hair quickly turned grey and then some to white.

I started to trim my beard short to mask the inevitable change. I briefly thought about coloring the grey away, but that’s just not me. I’m more of a natural kind of guy. So I figured, if this is the color my beard is to be, then so be it.

Then I started to let it grow. And I noticed the different waves of grey, white and dark brown my beard had become. I liked it. It made me feel better about myself than I had felt in a while. A new confidence in the fact that I would grow this beard full, with grey hairs and all, and not once think or worry about what anyone else thought of it.

I realized that I didn’t really care anymore.

Of course I want people to like me, I need friends and loved ones like everyone else does. But others’ opinions of me don’t seem to matter as much anymore. Not just about the epic beard that I’m growing, but about a lot of things.

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Written by Jay Hoyle

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