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  • How To Apply Beard Oil Properly

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    how to apply beard oil properly

    Knowing how to apply beard oil properly will help alleviate itch and keep your face as healthy as possible. It doesn't really matter how long your facial hair is. More

  • Best Beard Trimmers For A Barber Style Trim (10 submissions)


    Best Beard Trimmers

    Having a beard is all about growth, but there comes a time when every beardsman needs a trim. It’s important that you wield the best beard trimmers you can afford to avoid a trimming disaster. You might be looking to sculpt your beard into the perfect shape for your face. You may be keen to […] More

  • Best Beard Oils Amazon Has To Offer In 2016 (Open list) (16 submissions)

    Open list


    best beard oils amazon 2016

    There’s no shortage of beard oils to choose from nowadays and with marketplaces like Amazon they are only a click away. But when it comes to choosing the best beard oils, there’s so many things to consider. Much like choosing a cologne, beard oil selection is a very personal endeavor. Without the luxury of walking […] More

  • How to shape a beard without trimming

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    how to shape a beard

    If you’re anything like me, you get anxious when a pair of scissors come near your beard… So why not learn how to shape a beard without trimming? More

  • Make Your Beard a Profitable Hobby

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    As you know, hobbies are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. They can help you relax and unwind after a long day at work, but they can also be a great way to make some extra cash. More

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