50 triathlons in 50 states over 50 days

50 triathlons across 50 states over 50 days

James Lawrence, dubbed ‘The Iron Cowboy’ is one man seriously committed to growth.

Peak manliness has reached new heights with American father of five, James Lawrence completing 50 full course iron man triathlons. To top it off, he decided to up the ante by taking on his gruelling feat across 50 consecutive days, in 50 states. That’s right, rather than knocking off early to sneak in some shut eye, ‘The Iron Cowboy’ hit the road each night in order to kick off the next day’s triathlon in a new state.

Setting a new world record, James crossed the final finish line in his home state of Florida on Saturday afternoon, at the Electric Park in Lehi. For those wondering what a full course iron man triathlon entails, you’re looking at a 4km swim, a 180km cycle and a 42km run. With an average daily race time of around 12 hours, sleep was hard to come by.

“We were running on an average of 4 hours sleep each night,” said James during an appearance on Australian TV show, The Project.

Raising awareness for childhood obesity in the United State, James was driven by his love to his children to push the limits. “It’s for my children. Everything I do, I do for them. I try to set examples for them. I try to set big goals and accomplish them,” he said.

Raising money for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, James and his team have hopes of whipping the nation into shape. “There is a massive epidemic in this country. We’re obese, and it’s a problem. We need to make some serious changes in our lives,” said Lawrence.

If you think 50 triathlons is more than enough, think again, James is by no means new to superhuman accomplishments. He’s held records for the most ironman races in a year, as well as the most ultra-distance triathlons over the same timeframe.

If the sense of achievement upon completing his latest challenge wasn’t enough, coming home with a great beard could just be the icing on the cake. 😉

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