2 Dollar Beard Club: Join the beard care brotherhood

So you’ve grown a beard and haven’t budgeted to look after it. Instead of reaching for the razor, here’s how to get high quality beard oil without breaking the bank.

So you’ve grown a beard and haven’t budgeted to look after it. Instead of reaching for the razor, here’s how to get high quality beard oil without breaking the bank.

2DollarBeardClub.com is a veteran owned and operated membership service delivering high-quality all-natural beard oils to the doors of its members for as low as $2 a month + shipping and free shipping on it’s other oils. Forget shave clubs, Two Dollar Beard Club is the first beard membership club under $5 a month, and its low cost membership offers members a regular monthly shipment of high quality beard oil that any beardbrother can be proud of.

“We started the company because we wanted a beard oil that was (FAME), For All Men, Economical,” said Nathan Perry, founder of veteran-owned 2DollarBeardClub.com. “We don’t think price should be a deterrent to taking great care of your facial hair. We want all men to be able to afford and benefit from becoming a member of 2DollarBeardClub.com.”

The most common complaint by men who use beard oil is that the price is too high. Enter, the 2 Dollar Beard Club which makes affordability, without sacrificing quality, it’s goal. At $2 a bottle the FAME Original beard oil is comparable to beard oils 6-10 times the price which shows 2 Dollar Beard Club’s commitment to quality and affordability.

2 Dollar Beard Club’s oils are all high quality, all-natural and proudly hand crafted in the USA. Members are able to choose from three fantastic all-natural oils:

  • FAME Original: with 5 ingredients this oil is the standard for beard oils everywhere ($2/month, plus s+h)
  • FAME Plus: this 7 ingredient oil is based on FAME original oil plus argan oil and avocado oil for added hair and skin health benefits ($8/month, shipping included)
  • BeardBrothers Premium: specially formulated beard oil containing more than 10 ingredients including argan and jojoba oil is hand-crafted for the serious beardsman ($13/month, shipping included).

2 Dollar Beard Club’s website is easy to navigate and members can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade between beard oils whenever they choose. The member can select to pay for 1 year up front, or he can choose a monthly pay-as-you go option. Along with the beard oil subscription, members can choose from a number of other high quality add on products such as moustache wax and beard balm, all of which can be found under the “Our Products” tab at 2DollarBeardClub.com/products.

2DollarBeardClub is owned and operated by the founder of BeardBrothers LLC. And has carried over the values learned from the military and has used those values to quickly become a well-run one-stop-shop for facial hair care. The company has placed customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything it does and continues to offer the best options for a better beard. If you have a beard, then you are a BeardBrother.


If beards are your passion then head on over to 2DollarBeardClub.com and join thousands of other Beard Brothers that have joined our ranks. Your beard will thank you.