2 Dollar Beard Club Is Dead – Long Live The 1 Dollar Beard Club!

Never forget to restock on beard oil, balms, or other bathroom staples again. This subscription service will send you well-priced products monthly!

RIP 2DollarBeardClub.com

Well, this article was a nice write up of the 2 Dollar Beard Club, until a reader pointed out that the website returns a DNS error and nobody has posted on their Facebook profile since October 2016.  We’re comfortable declaring this one dead in the water.


There’s now the Dollar Beard Club!

We feel duty-bound to alert you to a different subscription service, the Dollar Beard Club. It’s a similar business model. You sign up for a range of products that they ship, those products show up monthly at your doorstep.

They’re definitely going for a dudely and macho image/brand. The marketing video seems straight out of the Old Spice catalogue.

While we haven’t tried the products ourselves yet, they do have quite an impressive range of products and some interesting price points.

Oils and balms

They offer lines of oil and balm with matching scents and 100% natural ingredients. That’s pretty standard, though. What’s not standard – their prices.

You can get an all-natural beard oil with Almond, Jojoba, Argan, and some Cedar/Pine scents for $1/mo for a 0.5 oz container. That seems like a pretty sweet deal, especially if you don’t use that much beard oil in a month!

Even stepping up to their 2 oz beard oil will only set you back $4/mo. At $2/oz for those ingredients, they are by far the lowest price point on the market, so we’re not even sure how they’re going to make money. But hey, their loss is your gain, no?

Other stuff

Dollar Beard Club also offers a range of natural shampoo, a body wash with a bunch of interesting carrier and essential oils, and a whole selection of beard growth “accelerators” – vitamins, sprays, growth oil and the like. We are definitely proponents of a healthy, nutritious diet for beard growth. But we’re a teensy bit on the skeptical side about beard growth supplements. A vitamin spray? Is that really going to help to mist my beard with vitamins?

They’ve got a few beard brushes, beard combs, and tie pins that are available for one-time purchase. (For a second I thought I was signing up for a subscription of combs. Er, don’t need that!)

If someone gives them a shot, please drop us a line and let us know your review. We’ll post an update when we get around to trying their product.

Keep on beardin’

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